Monday, February 27, 2012

Hollywood Theme

Ever wonder why Hollywood and all the Movie Stars reside in California?!
Want to 'WOW' your friends with your well rounded knowledge
at your next Dinner Party?

Well keeping with the Academy Awards theme, I decided to investigate a bit, and the story is actually a little more devious than you might think... 

Thomas Edison, the noted inventor, still held a patent on film cameras for quite some time, and the movie makers who were infringing on those rights weren't too keen on handing over their cash either, so to get as far away from Edison's lawyers as possible, they moved as far away as possible, to California, while still remaining in the United States.

The back-up plan, should the lawyers also follow them westwards, was to then move on down south into nearby and accommodating Mexico.
Can you image the Hollywood sign in Mexico!?
Crazy huh...


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