Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lucite Trays

Has anyone seen the adorable Lucite trays on Etsy!? You can personalize them with monograms and pick your own pattern!
 The only hitch is they cost a whopping $80 bucks!! WHOA!
So-- I decided to make my own, and successfully did it for $16.00!! (Yes folks, that's right! I love a good bargain)

Here's How:

First, I went to the Container Store and bought an acrylic (aka Lucite) tray for $9.99

Then, I used an online photo editor to design my favorite patterns with colors that would tie-in the room...

Finally, I printed my final patterns and took them to FedEx to be laminated so I could cut and set the images into the tray nice and snug! $5.99

and whaalah!
The finished product below.... 


What do you guys think!?

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