Monday, July 29, 2013

What To Say...

and No, I'm not referring to the latest trend from Apple, iKnife is the new surgical knife that can reportedly detect within seconds, whether tissue being cut by doctors is cancerous or not. The iKnife quickly analyzes the smoke that comes from cutting tissue. The smoke picked up by the "smart knife" is compared to it's library of "smoke signatures" from both cancerous and non-cancerous tissue.
The rest is pretty straight forward; if the monitor turns green = cancer free, yellow = undetectable, red = cancerous.
This could be a major breakthrough for doctors, and patients, potentially cutting down on lab waiting time (and costs), as well as the amount of surgeries patients go through to try to remove all cancerous cells.
Don’t get too excited though, iKnife has a ways to go in trials before it can meet regulatory approval.
But if this works as they say it does, it means less guessing, and less cancer.

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